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Our Queens

Optimal health and temperament are our main goals.

The primary considerations when selecting our breeding cats is their great health, stunning appearance, and stellar presence. Providing clients with quality life-long loving companions is our top priority.

Meet Our Queen Freyja!



Silver Bengal

An elegant and sleek Silver Spotted Bengal with green eyes and doughnut rosettes. Her rosettes are exquisite.  She is a well-natured and an extremely affectionate cat.

Next litter expected May 2021!

Meet Our Queen

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Brown Charcoal


Borough Bengals has been lucky enough to add this sweet girl to our family.  She has lovely rosettes showing an amazing contrast from her charcoal genetics. Her eyes are currently a golden green. She will be able to produce charcoal, brown, and sepia kittens. We are very excited to see her mature and grow into her queenhood!

Next litter is expected June 2021!

Meet Our New Queen



Brown Clouded Bengal


Aurora is the newest addition to the Borough Bengal family. Many thanks to Kanpur Cattery for this beautiful brown girl! Her rosettes are breathtaking with her golden green eyes.

Next litter expected June  2021!!

Questions on our queens or upcoming litters?

For more information on any of our cats or to reserve a kitten from an upcoming litter, please contact us.